Monday, March 4, 2013

Balearic Sunday for AOR Disco

My latest mix is now available on the great AOR Disco blog. The mix was recorded three weeks ago during a foggy but wonderful Sunday. Please follow this link to download it!
A BIG thanks to Matthew.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Love Parasite: one hour with Neil Hill

After a conspicuous absence I'm happy to give you a new guest mix. This one is coming from Niles, author of the amazing Emotional Pop website. If you don't know it please check it now because the passion for the music on the EP page is total, one of the best around.

The mix is BIG, there are a lot of synths, new beat, some acid and of course some nice classics.

Niles - Love Parasite (save as)

The tracklist is available upon request, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cosmic Metal Mother - Zen Locomotive

I remember back in 2007 when I first discovered Cosmic Metal Mother. It was a
video for his first 12'' on Disques Sinthomme probably published on Nero Magazine. I remember I tried to reach him trough his Myspace because we were both italian and sharing a great passion for slow hypnotic music. The first contacts were difficult, I was messaging him in italian while he was aswering me in english. Unfortunately at that time we lost our connection until the rise of Facebook. With the help of the social network we finally "re-meet". In the meantime he was able to set up his own label Panacustica and release 2 great singles.

A month ago Paolo aka Cosmic Metal Mother was so kind to send me a promotional copy of his new single "Zen Locomotive" (you can see the vinyl and my hands shadows in the fuzzy picture above). The 12'' contains the original track and two remixes, the first by Jealous Heart (Dinky and Matthew Styles) and the second by japanese (I
♥ Japan) Filfla, a sperimental pop/electronic project by Keiichi Sugimoto.

Zen locomotive in his original form is my favourite from the 12'' and
(my opinion) is one of the best ambient tracks I've heard in 2011, if you loved Hizou by Four Hands you have to catch this beautiful quiet locomotive. At the moment I'm hearing this track lonely at home but I'm feeling like I'm in Deauville watching the cold north sea with this music warming up my mind. Wow!

The remixes are also a great surprise. The Jealous Heart remix is more oriented to the dance floor, keeping some ambient elements of the original song and adding a great strong bass line. The Flifla remix is what I'd love to play to surprise the audience: something weird and beautiful at the same time (I love that awesome keyboard!).

Zen Locomotive is out now, you can listen the samples on Juno.
For the digital? No digital for Panacustica.

Happy hunt!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Pop Emozionante

Big thanks to Niles of Emotional Pop and Cosmic Disco for asking a mixtape about 80's pop music. I really tried to do my best. Have a listen here folks!

Monday, February 14, 2011

One hour with Club Silencio


Where can we hear you playing?
In Milan at Turpe c/o Zoom Club Bar.

Best night as a dj?
Hangar Bicocca - Public Design Week 2010. 10.000 people in front of me.

Best night on the dancefloor? Discolimone at Sottomarino Giallo. That night DJ Cosmo was playing.
Five records to send on Mars?
The Dirtbombs - Party Store, Maxmillion Dunbar - Cool Water, Chi Chi Favelas - Rock Solid, Bullion - You Drive Me To Plastic, Easther Satterfield - Once I Loved


Club Silencio on Soundcloud

Monday, January 24, 2011

One hour with DJ Sergio

DJ Sergio

Where can we hear you playing?
You can hear me in the summer in Ibiza.

Best night as a dj?
There have been many nice nights as a DJ... It's hard to choose but one of them was a beach party with Jose Padilla in Formentera with 2.500 people dancing on the beach. That was a nice one until the Guardia Civil stopped the party.

Best night on the dancefloor? Again many great nights years ago. One very good night was the Boy's Own party by the lake in the countryside in 1992. That was a special event but I went to many in the eighties and 90's too... That were fantastic.
Five records to send on Mars?
Caso Serio - Rita Lee, Nisyan - Ahmed Fakroun, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings - Buckshot LeFonque, Vamonos - Elkin and Nelson, Aguilla - Bola.

The Mix


DJ Sergio on Soundcloud

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cos/Mes - Naruto

When I check my blog email I usually don't find any good stuff. Last weekend I finally received something really good, a message from King Kung Foo Records about their new child called "Naruto".

The record I'm talking about is the latest effort from the japanese guys Cos/Mes. These guys are already on the ESP Institute rooster (with a great album and super singles with super remixers) and (thanks to the press release) in Japan they're part of a larger crew of multimedia artists, designers and directors. I really suggest you to check some of their videos: here and here.
Naruto is their debut single for the mighty King Kung Foo Records, a belgian label founded by the mysterious musicians Ronny & Renzo. King Kung Foo Records are known for their love and passion for dark downtempo trippy music, coming always with beautiful artwork. Check the KKFR catalogue to have an idea!

Naruto is a dark gentle song with beats an dumped elements in the first part. Then the melody comes out with jungle noises and a gently guitar giving to the listener warm looped feelings.

The remix by Ronny & Renzo is more strong than what I was expecting. A great deep techno cosmic rework. Perfect if you prefer the dancefloor to the junge of the original.
According to KKFR, one more
Ronny & Renzo remix will be out later this year on a single sided vinyl.

Naruto is coming out this month with awesome Godzilla artwork by Mustone, member of the Tasha Hisha art collective.

Happy Hunt!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Silly Love Songs for AOR Disco

My last mix "Silly Love Songs" is now up on the great AOR Disco blog.

Have a listen!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Hello All,

Just wanted to say that I will post new and old tracks (not edits) and some reviews on the amazing Italo Deviance blog. I just posted a brilliant track of Chris Keane.
Big thanks to Marcello!

p.s. a new post on sci-fi pogo is coming next week!